Ultrasonic pest control possibly sound like an odd thing. You commonly think of chemicals getting rid of any pest problems you could possibly have. Due to contemporary technology, there are actually electronic methods of ridding your home of insects and rodents. For you to understand what ultrasonic rodent control in actuality is, here’s a brief explanation of how it actually works and how it is best operated.

With ultrasonic vermin control, a device is plugged in outlets in your office or house. These small devices release high pitched ultrasonic frequency waves that are high pitched. This frequency wave is then heard by the pests and/or vermin and frightens them. These sounds frighten them a great deal so they’ll leave the house or office. Because the pest of vermin has got to hear the ultrasonic frequency wave to leave the region alone, we typically recommend that you place a few devices throughout your home to ensure they depart from the area.

You may be wondering if this device will frustrate your family members, you, or even your animals due to such a noise. These ultrasonic sounds aren’t able to be heard by any human being and almost all household animals. The eardrum is in fact not able to hear it because it cannot move as such a pace.

In order to make sure that you are covering the entire surface of your office or building, you should ensure that these small devices are scattered throughout the office or house. This is so the rodents or insects infesting your office or residence are not just kept away from not simply 1 initial part. By scattering them all over your building or office, they won’t be in the entire area that they are put in. If you are certain that there is only trouble in 1 particular place such as your storage unit, then you may employ just 1 or 2 in that immediate area instead of the entire house.

You should be told that these devices do not get rid of all insects. More often than not ants and spiders aren’t affected by these ultrasonic signals. As a consequence of this, you should try another form of pesticide or bait that will rid the area of these pests if that is your major pest problem.

This variety of pest control isn’t widely used yet, but it can be effective. If you think of a handful of questions about these gadgets or would like to schedule a meeting, contact us at when you can. Our customer service people are always ready to help.