5 Tips For Cleaning Floors And Tiles

A beautiful clean and shiny floor makes any house looks attractive and well -maintained. But to get this well-kept and clean look one really has to keep in mind several tips and techniques in order to get the best results.  Though there are a variety of options like hardwood floors, vinyl floors, linoleum floors, tiled floors have always been the people’s choice. Many people choose tiles over other options because they are more durable, waterproof and are available in different styles and colors. In spite of regular care and maintenance, over a period of time or due to harsh conditions tiles do tend to become dull and lose their glazed finish.  Here are 5 cleaning Floor cleaning tips for your floors and tiles to ensure they long last and look like new for years to come

Clean floors regularly

Clean floors regularly

Never wait for your floors to get dirty before you get down to clean them. Make it a habit or a routine task to clean your floors. Sweeping can be done more frequently and mopping can be done once a week. If a regular cleaning schedule is maintained it will ensure a better and a longer life for your floors.

Sweeping floors

Always use a soft broom or a dry dust mop to sweep floors. Don’t use abrasive straw brooms or plastic brooms as may leave scratches behind and damage floors.

Vacuuming occasionally is also helpful as you can reach corners that cannot be reached during regular sweeping.

Mopping floors

Cleaning floors with mild cleaners and water along with mild fragrant essential oils will make your floors stay clean, shiny and disinfected too. Using a gentle detergent along with a deodorizing and disinfectant commercial cleaning agent or natural cleansers like vinegar, baking soda or dishwashing liquid to mop your floors will leave you with results you will be happy to achieve again and again.

Wipe up spills and clean up stains immediately

If by mistake someone has spilled and acidic or floor staining substances, like tea, coffee, wine, pet poop, or any other food stuff, do clean them up immediately using tissues or some absorbent towels. If the stain still persists use a stronger cleanser or disinfectant on the area where the spills occurred for better results.

Wipe up spills and clean up stains immediately

Clean tile grout

If you have tiled floors do not forget to take special care to clean tile grout.  The brighter your grout the brighter your tiles will shine. A paste of baking soda and salt is an excellent grout cleaner. Apply this paste on the grout with the help of an old toothbrush and let it sit for a couple of hours. Scrub the grout with the same toothbrush you used to apply it. Finally, clean the area with a wet mop.

grout cleaner

Floor maintenance like maintenance of any other part of the house should be done within a specific time -periods to maintain its sheen and gleam. Improper care and negligence will lead to your floors looking lack-luster and not so new as the years go by. So, buckle up and enjoy cleaning your floors and make them shiny and sparkling.