How To Clean Your Home Fast

We all have been there some time:

Okay, a little confession here!

Most of the times that I am expecting guests over the weekends is the only time that I hush up all the clutter under my bed. This may make you feel that I suck at housekeeping but the reality is that I work five days in a week and shift between two jobs to make my ends meet. Additionally, I also work from home on weekends and that just about leaves me with just enough time to keep the kitchen well and look after the kids.

clean kitchen

I believe that there is no home for clutter in my home

The best thing that I feel I do every fortnight is that whenever I have an off from work, I take a nap of two or three hours and then equipped with a strong coffee in my hand, I set about with the task of decluttering my home with all that has been invariably invading my living territory.

What is clutter according to me

I set about decluttering from front to back. so, my starting point is my mail box which is right outside my main door. I pull out all the mails and go through them to separate the necessary with the unnecessary ones. Sitting on my table is my organizer for bills, important papers from the various authorities which I immediately file and leave a small note in the notebook there to bring notice to the people for whom it is. the trash is definitely sent to my shredder which has been my loyal decluttering companion for half a decade now.

Next stop: living room

With kids around the house, it is needless to say that clutter can be everywhere. Picking up toys and books and stationery strewn everywhere is part of a mother’s job.(no, I am not a feminist!). pencils and colors under the dining table and sofa and behind the upholstery can be a pain to collect but you have to do what you have to do, correct?!

In the process, I keep deciding mentally what stays with us and what needs to go into my charity box. My charity box is the cardboard box that I have left near my storage room. Anything that I find that has lived its useful life in my house or things that have been around and not found a use for a period exceeding six months goes in there to be dropped at the nearest charity home. Every fortnight, I carry two big bags of things to be given away. So, just imagine!

The kitchen and the pantry

I am then finding my way to the kitchen where I sift through my crockery, cutlery, and appliances to check if everything is in order and whether anything needs to be updated or given away. My pantry, of course, is relieved of all packaged foods that have lived out their shelf life. Vegetable and fruits from the fridge that are too ripe to be used are also thrown into the trash and the fridge is wiped clean from inside.

The bedrooms

My wardrobe is quickly cleaned and all torn, mutilated and overused clothes sent to the box as well. The bathroom is relieved of all used tubes and soap stubs and a bucket of clean water flushed down with a wiping blade.

clean bedrooms

The whole process takes me less than two and half hours and you would not believe the end result. The house is sparkling clean and free from any build up at East for two more weeks which means at the end of the two weeks I am doing the same exercise again.

A lot of people believe that daily vacuuming and sweeping the house is the fastest way to clean but I have discovered from my experience that this is what worked for me. Do try this if you wish to and let me know how it worked for you.

Lastly, Your indoor air

your indoor air quality is one of the most important things because this is what you breath and this will affect your health, always make sure you ordering an air duct cleaning company at least once every 6 months.