How to Take Care of Your Exotic Indian Carpets

Indian Carpets are a treasure as they are exclusive, unique and very delicate too. Taking good care of such exceptional pieces of art and tradition is very important to preserve their grandeur and make them last for a long time to come. regular day to day cleaning can be easily done at home but for more serious and tough cleaning it is advisable to call professional carpet cleaners who will undoubtedly do a great job.    Here are a few tips to help your take care of your exotic Indian carpets-

Keep door mats near the entrance

Take care that people don’t step on the carpet with dirty feet. To stop this from happening keeping door mats near the entrance of your living room can be a lot of help. M

any a time along with mud and dirt, several other objects also get stuck to footwear which can get left behind on the carpet causing much harm in the long run.

exotic Indian carpets

Gently Brush

For small dry spills or for removing dog or cat hair, a small hard bristled brush may be used to clean up quickly. Many a time kids spill food crumbs, candies, wafers and more which can easily and instantly be brushed out.


Vacuuming the carpet at least once a week or whenever you feel it is beginning to look dirty or dusty helps in keeping the carpet clean and dust free. A vacuum is a good carpet cleaner that is very handy and efficient in removing superficial dirt and other small objects like sand and pet hair.   It also keeps the carpet looking bright and not dull. Dusty carpets soon look their sheen and begin to look dull within no time.Vacuuming also helps to remove dust mites which cannot be seen easily.

Treat stains immediately

Carpet stain removal for these exotic carpets needs to be done very carefully, first of all, remember to treat stains immediately so that they don; become permanent. Secondly, whichever cleaning agent you are using to treat the stain, remember to check it on a small part of the carpet before applying it on the entire stain. Make sure you dry out the carpet well or wet carpets may become moldy and get infected by mildew too. This not only produces a foul smell it reduces the life of the carpet to a large extent.

Professional Carpet cleaning

Look for the best carpet cleaning companies who especially deal with the cleaning of exotic Indian carpets.The cleaning process they use is special and they provide the best carpet cleaning services to suit such carpets. The products, solutions, and techniques used are absolutely safe and will ensure the complete safety of the carpet. They take extra efforts to renew it and deep clean it to bring back a product that is as good as it was when you originally got it.

carpet cleaner that is very handy

Timely, regular home cleaning and occasional professional cleaning of your exotic Indian carpets will help your carpets last long and you can enjoy showing off your wonderful carpets to all your visitors.