5 Easy Ways to Clean Your Carpet

Looking for easy ways to clean your carpet? Don’t worry carpet cleaning is not a hassle at all if you know which method to use for cleaning. The first thing you need to identify is the problem- whether you need to do a dry treatment or a wet treatment and then begin the cleaning up process. There are several carpet cleaners available in the market, at the same time they are several home remedies and easy techniques by which you can DIY too. Here few important tips to keep in mind for easy carpet cleaning-

  • Clean your carpet regularly with a good carpet cleaner
  • Vacuum it at least once a week to remove any dry debris
  • Treat stains immediately for quick carpet stain removal
  • Call in for professional carpet cleaning once in a while for deep cleaning your carpet as professional carpet cleaners are well- trained and they will do a thorough job.

Easy Carpet Cleaning Techniques


While vacuuming remember to be gentle and go slow too. Keep control over your strokes and do both forward and backward strokes to give your carpet a thorough cleaning. Use multiple attachments while vacuuming to remove objects like fine dust, sand, hair or even lint. It is the best carpet cleaner to remove all unwanted dry materials that get deeply embedded inside the carpet.

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Blot stains

While removing stains, the first thing to remember is to never rub the satin. Always gently blot it and remove the offensive agent. Once the blotting process is over, use gentle products like club soda or tonic water to remove stains of tea, coffee or spilled juice.

Deodorize using powder

Using powder is a great way to clean carpets. Whether it is a store-bought carpet cleaning powder or the efficient and hardy baking soda powder, it is a really effective cleaning method for deodorizing your carpets and also removing stains.

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Tough stain removal

For removing sticky stains like gum, rubbing an ice cube enables easy removal of the offensive material. grease can be tackled with detergents and bloodstains can be removed by using hydrogen peroxide. For stubborn stains, you must use a hard-bristled brush to scrub a little to get the desired clean and spotless effect.

Take care of pet accidents immediately

Even though pets are trained not to mess up indoors, pet accidents do take place sometimes.  To prevent the stains from becoming permanent immediate cleaning is a must.First, remove the poop using tissues and then use a carpet shampoo or any commercial carpet cleaning agent to wipe up.

Deep cleaning

Search for the best carpet cleaning companies in your area and call in the professional carpet cleaners to do deepcleansing of your carpets once in 6-8 months to prolong their life and look as fresh and new as when you bought them.  Steam cleaning is the best and the most popular deep cleaning method used by most carpet cleaning services to remove hidden soil, oil, grease, paint and other deposits and to give it a new look.

Pro tip

Before using any wet or dry powder or liquid cleaning solution on the entire carpet, test a small area first.

How to Take Care of Your Exotic Indian Carpets

Indian Carpets are a treasure as they are exclusive, unique and very delicate too. Taking good care of such exceptional pieces of art and tradition is very important to preserve their grandeur and make them last for a long time to come. regular day to day cleaning can be easily done at home but for more serious and tough cleaning it is advisable to call professional carpet cleaners who will undoubtedly do a great job.    Here are a few tips to help your take care of your exotic Indian carpets-

Keep door mats near the entrance

Take care that people don’t step on the carpet with dirty feet. To stop this from happening keeping door mats near the entrance of your living room can be a lot of help. M

any a time along with mud and dirt, several other objects also get stuck to footwear which can get left behind on the carpet causing much harm in the long run.

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Gently Brush

For small dry spills or for removing dog or cat hair, a small hard bristled brush may be used to clean up quickly. Many a time kids spill food crumbs, candies, wafers and more which can easily and instantly be brushed out.


Vacuuming the carpet at least once a week or whenever you feel it is beginning to look dirty or dusty helps in keeping the carpet clean and dust free. A vacuum is a good carpet cleaner that is very handy and efficient in removing superficial dirt and other small objects like sand and pet hair.   It also keeps the carpet looking bright and not dull. Dusty carpets soon look their sheen and begin to look dull within no time.Vacuuming also helps to remove dust mites which cannot be seen easily.

Treat stains immediately

Carpet stain removal for these exotic carpets needs to be done very carefully, first of all, remember to treat stains immediately so that they don; become permanent. Secondly, whichever cleaning agent you are using to treat the stain, remember to check it on a small part of the carpet before applying it on the entire stain. Make sure you dry out the carpet well or wet carpets may become moldy and get infected by mildew too. This not only produces a foul smell it reduces the life of the carpet to a large extent.

Professional Carpet cleaning

Look for the best carpet cleaning companies who especially deal with the cleaning of exotic Indian carpets.The cleaning process they use is special and they provide the best carpet cleaning services to suit such carpets. The products, solutions, and techniques used are absolutely safe and will ensure the complete safety of the carpet. They take extra efforts to renew it and deep clean it to bring back a product that is as good as it was when you originally got it.

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Timely, regular home cleaning and occasional professional cleaning of your exotic Indian carpets will help your carpets last long and you can enjoy showing off your wonderful carpets to all your visitors.

11 Carpet Cleaning Hacks

Carpets have become an essential element of a home. It Is not only used as a decorative material but also provides comfort to your feet. During winter, it keeps your feet warm and during summer, the softness of the carpet keeps your feet soft even when you walk barefoot. Carpets are long term investments and thus, their maintenance is not just through vacuuming but there’s more to it. You might even require a carpet cleaning services to clean your carpet. But here are 11 carpet cleaning hacks for people who love to have carpets at their home. These hacks will help to keep the carpets clean and fresh.

Lint Roller

There are many things that get settled in the carpet and cannot be handled with a vacuum. Vacuums can only clean finer dust but cannot get rid of hairs and clean fibers. In these cases, lint roller comes to the rescue. Lint rollers can remove the stubborn particles and all you need is few minutes for cleaning.


Though Lint rollers remove hair from the carpets, they still won’t be able to remove fine hairs like pet hair. For this, the squeegee can be very useful. Though squeegee is for cleaning windows to remove things that are thin in nature, they can easily remove pet hair that has the nature of sticking to a surface. Just use it as you use it for window cleaning.

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Heated Iron

Heated Ironwork wonders to remove stains. Vacuum the stained area first, and then apply a mixture of water and vinegar to the stained area. After allowing it to sit for five minutes, keep a towel on the top of it and then place a heated iron. This will make the stain get transferred to the towel.

Blotting Works

Rubbing causes the stains to spread to other places. Whether you rub using cleaning solution or simply rub it, it doesn’t matter. Always make sure to blot stains by applying pressure. This will allow the stain to be absorbed by the material you use for blotting.

Home Made Carpet Cleaner

It is better to clean our home with organic products rather than using expensive chemicals. That way you can stay healthy. Here’s a formula for making a homemade best carpet cleaner to clean the carpet: Mix ¾ cup of Hydrogen Peroxide, ¼ cup of vinegar, few drops of essential oil, 1 or 2 teaspoons of dish soap, 1 or 2 teaspoons of fabric softener with 3 to 4 liters of water. Load this in the shampooing machine and your carpet would look great.

Home Made Carpet Cleaner

Baking Soda

Baking Soda can be applied liberally to the carpet to remove Oil Stains. Baking Soda absorbs the stain when applied to the carpet which can then be removed with a vacuum cleaner. They are also useful to remove the smell and stain caused by pets that urinate on the carpet. Yet another useful thing about baking soda is that it freshens the carpet. Just add few drops of your favorite essential oil to the baking soda and sprinkle it on the carpet. After 10 or 20 minutes, vacuum it away.


In the case of tough stains like the Nail Polish, rubbing with clear Alcohol or nail polish remover helps in carpet stain removal. Always wait for the nail polish to get dried, chip it off and then gently rub with alcohol to get the stain removed.

Shaving Cream

Light colored carpets get dirty more easily. To make these stains less visible, make use of shaving cream. It makes the carpets fluffy too.

Vinegar and Ice Cube

Vinegar and ice cube helps to make the carpet look fluff. This hack is useful as it makes the flattened fibers and worn out fibers look fluff. If you use vinegar, then spray it and let the carpet absorb it. Then loosen the fibers and they will look fresh. In the case of an ice cube, place it on the dent, and allow it to melt. Then blot the excess water and dry it out.

Use of Area Rugs and Runners

Fine carpets are the ones that you love to show off during parties. On other times, you can buy area rugs and runners and place them in areas where there is more usage and remove them when guests come home.


Ice is very useful for removing gums from the carpet. Gum is tough to remove when it is soft. Hence, place an ice on the gum for a minute to harden it. Then, scrape the gum off.

There might be many other tricks to clean the carpet. People also do carpet steam cleaning or even call professional carpet cleaners. But always remember to call the best carpet cleaning companies. You can also use these tricks as they are tested ones and would certainly work. Try them out!