Air Duct Cleaning Tips for Those Who have Allergies

There are so many people out there who are very sensitive to the outside environment and are allergic to many things. While it might seem good to stay indoors during this time to avoid allergies due to pollution and other things, it is essential to keep in mind that 1/4th of the allergies happen due to indoor pollutants. There are so many factors that contribute to this problem and the main area where the pollutants get stuck is the Air duct. That is why air vent cleaning on a regular basis is important to keep allergies at bay.

Air Ducts are Directly Responsible for Indoor Air Quality

When you peep into a shelf that is out of reach, you might find a lot of dust and dirt settled in the shelf. The same happens to the Air Ducts. The interiors of the air ducts are covered with the dust from the environment over a period of time. This might again be released into the air circulating inside the home causing allergy to allergy-prone people. Have you done home air duct cleaning recently? How often do you clean the ducts? All these questions need to be answered and taken care of, to protect ourselves from allergies and respiratory problems.

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Some Duct Cleaning Tips for Those with Allergies

Do a Duct Inspection

The first step to duct cleaning is to do a duct inspection. If the ducts are leaky, then they might lead to accumulation of dirt. It also paves the way for rodents and insects to get inside the ducts. When all these happen, it is impossible to keep the ducts clean before sealing the leaks in the ducts. Good air duct cleaners will be able to inspect such kind of leaks and then after proper inspection, evaluate the severity. Then, vent cleaners help in sealing the leaks.

DIY Duct Sealing

Sometimes DIY skills are useful but in other cases where the work need to be done to the interior of the duct where it is not reachable by ordinary people, then it is best to take the help of vent cleaning service. Also, sealing materials used must be of good quality and must be able to seal the leaks properly. Note that the sealing part cannot be done with ordinary equipment.

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Frequency of Air Duct Cleaning

The vent cleaning process might differ from home to home as each house is unique in its own way. If a home is a tightly sealed one, then the duct cleaning services are not required more often. But a home that is constructed in a busy area where the environment is more polluted, the frequency is more in air duct cleaning process. A good cleaning company can assist in creating a plan for periodic vent inspection and maintenance.


If you or your loved ones are suffering from allergies due to mold or dust, do not hesitate to call air duct cleaning companies. They will help you with proper planning, inspection, and equipment. Taking the help of air duct cleaning services helps to reduce the pollutants in air and thus, make you live your life healthily.

Understanding The Cost Savings Of Air Duct Cleaning For Dallas Residents

There is not one person out there that likes to throw money away and if you are not careful your HVAC system can turn into one of the most costly endeavors in the home. Any air duct cleaning Dallas professional will tell you that there are a lot of factors that can increase the costs your HVAC usage, and some of these might be acceptable, but the truth is that they all add up over time. In fact, most homeowners don’t realize that air duct cleaning Dallas is one of the best steps that you can take in lowering your monthly expenses. Sure, our air duct cleaning Dallas professionals will tell you that the process is expensive, but it really does pay for itself over time.

Here at Pure Airways Dallas TX our Dallas air duct cleaning professional have been cleaning ducts for a number of years now, and have really seen what a major difference air duct cleaning Dallas TX can make. This is why we decided to compose this article to explain to customers how our Dallas air duct cleaning services can save them a bundle of money. Below you will learn more about our Dallas air duct cleaning services and how air duct cleaning Dallas TX can actually save you money monthly.

Proper Duct Inspection During Air Duct Cleaning Dallas TX

Any trained duct cleaning Dallas professional will tell you that there is no way to completely 100 percent seal a duct system. No matter what you do there is always going to leak, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get it as close as possible. There are several different reasons in which your ductwork can contribute to the inefficiency of your heating and cooling system. Poor insulation, leaks, loose or disconnected sections, and excessive dirt blockage can all cause your ductwork to become inefficient, which eventually leads to much higher monthly energy bills. If your ductwork is not properly sealed or full of leaks performing a duct cleaning Dallas is pretty much just throwing away good money.

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This is why our duct cleaning Dallas professionals can inspect, and seal your ducts all in one. In fact, if you are interested in an air duct cleaning in Dallas TX all you have to do is contact us at Pure Airways Dallas TX and we will send out a trained vent cleaning Dallas professional to inspect your system. During this inspection, our vent cleaning Dallas professional will check for leaks and disconnected ducts in order to make sure that you aren’t throwing away good money.

Air Duct Cleaning Dallas Texas To Perfection

If you are under the impression that you can clean your air ducts without assistance from an air duct cleaning in Dallas, you are sadly mistaken. Professional air duct Dallas is the only way to ensure all of the debris is completely removed from the system. As a top air cleaning Dallas Texas service provider, we utilize large rotary brushes to break those contaminants away from the interior walls of the duct. The air duct Dallas cleaning process is very tedious and requires a thorough use of the rotary brushes, along with a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Whenever you decide that it is time to tackle your air duct system be sure to us in mind. We are fully qualified to perform air duct cleaning in Dallas services in residential, industrial and commercial buildings. Our air duct Dallas team carries all the cleaning supplies on their work van, so there is no need for you to lend them your vacuum cleaner, broom or other cleaning tools.

Air Duct Cleaning In Dallas Affordability

As a consumer, you will want to get the most out of your money, but hiring our air duct cleaning Dallas Texas team you will be ensured of this and so much more. Duct cleaning Dallas TX services can be rather expensive. However, we offer competitive prices that are too good to turn down. If you would like to receive a free price quote for our Dallas duct cleaning service, please feel free to contact our office. You will not find a more affordable duct cleaning Dallas TX service provider in the city. Do not be put off by our affordable prices, because we offer superior air duct cleaning Dallas Texas services like no other.

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Our duct cleaning Dallas TX team is fully prepared to undertake even the dirtiest air duct system. They will utilize large rotary brushes to break the debris away from the interior walls of the duct and then follow up with powerful vacuums. The Dallas duct cleaning will not be declared complete until every particle of dirt and dust is removed from the system.

Dallas Duct Cleaning Same-Day Service Available

We offer same-day appoints for our air duct cleaning in Dallas TX service, which is something that is not offered by our competitors. If you find yourself in need of an emergency duct cleaning, be sure to contact one of our customer service representatives, whom will schedule an appointment for the cleaning. In most cases, the representative will be able to schedule your appointment for the same day you contact the office. If this is something that you are interested in, be sure to inquire about our same-day service.

A dirty air duct system can be extremely harmful to your heating and air conditioning system. The dirt and debris inside the ductwork will not only pose risks to the system but you and your family’s health. The dirt will be pushed back into the home every time the HVAC unit kicks on, which in turn will drive down the air quality in your home. Poor air quality can lead to upper respiratory illness, allergies and asthma in no time at all.

Should Your Air Duct Be Clean Always?

Should Your Air Duct Be Clean Always? 7 Reasons Why They Must Be Clean

If you are contemplating on whether to get your home air ducts and vents cleaned through air duct cleaning services, then you should definitely go in for it. Keeping the entire heating and air cooling system in your home in a proper and better functioning way has many advantages. You definitely would want the system to work the way it is meant to be. Imagine, a situation when you have not opted for vent cleaning or air duct cleaning, and despite the system running, your house is not cool enough? Wouldn’t it be a frustrating experience?

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Air Duct Cleaner

So, therefore hiring one of the best professional air duct cleaning companies has many benefits.  Here are seven reasons as to why air ducts must always be clean.

Professional Air Duct Cleaner

  1. Routine Cleaning – Air ducts get dirty very fast. Routine cleaning helps in removing the dirt and debris from the entire system. This helps in efficient functioning of the system.
  2. Pet Owners – If you have pets at home, there is certainly some amount of dirt, pet dander, hair and other airborne particles that contaminate the air and the ducts. Hence this is another reason, why air ducts should be got rid of these particles and kept clean.
  3. Sensitive To Dust – If you have someone at home, who is allergic and sensitive to the fluctuations of the indoor air quality, then you should first ensure that the air ducts, vents are clean and the heating and cooling systems are functioning properly. Even a small amount of dirt, dust, debris or mold spores can trigger allergic reactions. Sometimes, individuals are also prone to asthma or other respiratory infections due to the presence of mold and mold spores.
  4. Water Contamination – If there is water contamination or water leak, with damage to the HVAC system, then it is the time that the air ducts are cleaned thoroughly. What is visible to the naked eye is just a superficial layer. Water leaks can create havoc and spoil the heating and cooling system. If moisture is present, it becomes a breeding ground for molds, which reproduce rapidly and cause sufficient damage to the system.
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  5. Save Energy – When you want to save on the energy bills, getting the air ducts cleaned, through air duct cleaners, helps in proper maintenance of the heating and cooling system. It also increases the life. There are many contaminants that spoil the life of the heating and cooling system. Hence getting rid of these and keeping them clean ensures that the system does not have to work hard to keep your homes cool. It works at the optimum level, thereby reducing your energy bills.
  6. Better Air Quality – Indoor air quality is normally believed to be superior and better when compared to the outdoor air quality. This is because it is believed that the outdoors have more pollutants. But, it is not the case. Indoor air also can contain pollutants, dust, debris etc. One way of improving the indoor air quality is to clean the air ducts periodically.
  7. Post Renovations – Any repairs and renovation work also result in a lot of dust particles accumulating. And hence, after the work is completed, it is advisable to get the air ducts cleaned.

Hiring A Professional For Your Air Duct Cleaning

When you want to get the air ducts in your home cleaned and you feel that you are not equipped to do the job yourself, a great idea would be to get air duct cleaners to come in and do it for you. Air duct cleaning companies can help to get rid of the dust and harmful elements that can collect inside the cooling or heating air ducts in your home.

You can get a professional air duct cleaning service that has the required credentials, knowledge and know-how to ensure that the air vent cleaning is done properly and your home is left clean and germ-free. Here are some tips on how you can select the right air duct cleaning service for your home.

Research the background of the vent cleaning service

  • There are probably many companies that are into home air duct cleaning in your area. Check every company’s experience of how long they have been in the business of air duct cleaning.
  • If the company is fairly new in the business of air vent cleaning, then check on the professional experience of the cleaning team.
  • Ask for client referrals and check if previous clients are happy with the company’s air duct cleaning services.
  • Check with neighbors, friends and other homeowners to recommend home air duct cleaning services they have used in the past.
  • Check out the website of various air duct cleaning companies and check out the testimonials, feedback, etc.

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Team expertise

Make sure that the team of technicians sent by the vent cleaning company is equipped to handle the job and complete it properly. Ensure that the air duct cleaners who have been sent over to your home are well-trained and have adequate experience to handle the job well.

Proper equipment

When getting your air ducts cleaned, ensure that the duct cleaning services that you hire make use of professional air vent cleaning equipment and modern techniques. If they do not use the proper cleaning equipment and methods, they will have to come back for cleaning frequently and this can become quite a time-consuming and costly affair for you.

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Always check the credentials

Ensure that the air duct cleaning services that you are planning to hire to clean the vents in your home have proper insurance. This can help to cover any damages that may occur during the air vent cleaning. Check the training and certifications that the vent cleaning service has.

Get a competitive estimate

Before you hire the air duct cleaners to clean the heating and cooling ducts in your home, ensure that you get an estimate of the cost of the entire cleaning project. The cost should include labor, material and all other extra costs that will be incurred for the job.  A good air duct cleaning will involve the cleaning of the internal parts of the heating and ventilation system, the inner portion of the registers and the entire ducting.

There are several reasons as to why the air ducts in your home must be cleaned thoroughly and finding an efficient home air duct cleaning company is the first crucial step to the entire process. Since air vent cleaning is a specialized service, you must do your due diligence and select a suitable and trustworthy company who will deliver only the best.

Some DIY Steps For Air Duct Cleaning

There are plenty of reasons why you should clean the air ducts in your home regularly. If the air ducts are clean, the heating or cooling system will be more effective, will have a longer life and the air that we breathe around the home will be much cleaner.

If you feel that you can take up the project of air duct cleaning in your home by yourself without incurring the cost of a professional air duct cleaning service, here are some tips on how you can go about the process of vent cleaning.

There are several types of duct systems – underground and attic systems, but the air duct cleaning process of all systems is the same. While you may not be able to access all the parts of the system, i.e. the underground ducts, you can make a significant difference in the quality of air around you by cleaning the components of the air duct system that you can reach properly.

Things required for air duct cleaning

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Cleaning brush
  • Screwdriver
  • Paper towels and cloth
  • Furnace filter

required for air duct cleaning

Vent cleaning process

  • Cover all the supply air registers i.e. the openings that distribute air to the room with cloth or paper towels. This will help to keep the dust and dirt from getting into the rooms as you clean.
  • When you are cleaning the air duct, make sure that the fan is turned on to keep the loose dust moving.
  • Check if the furnace filter is in its place to prevent the dust dislodged due to cleaning being sucked into the fan motor.
  • Tap the air duct with your cleaning brush to loosen any dust build-up or damp dust that may be stuck to the inner walls.
  • Use your vacuum cleaner to remove the dust that is pushed out by the fan. Try and reach into the air duct as far as you can. Using the cleaning brush, scrape out any dust build-up in the register. Once the registers are clean, you can remove the cloth or paper towels that you used to protect them.
  • Next, clean the return air registers that are usually fastened with a screw. Using a screwdriver, remove the screw and the register. Clean the register pipe or air duct as far as you can reach.
  • Turn off the furnace and the fan.
  • Once you turn off the power, remove the front panels of the furnace and using the vacuum cleaner, remove the dust from the return air boot and blower compartment. Also, clean the furnace fan.
  • Replacing the furnace filter can help you reduce the dust in your home significantly since a dirty filter hampers the airflow to the fan and this can reduce the life of the motor. The replacement of the filter depends on the location of your home, pets, etc.

Main air duct cleaning

The areas in the air ducting system that you were unable to clean using the above steps are most likely to have less dirt and dust. Nevertheless, you can clean the external portions of the ductwork too.

  • If your ductwork is rectangular, then you can remove the end caps for air vent cleaning on the outside. You can the reach the inside of the duct once the caps are removed with your vacuum pipe and remove any dirt or dust. You can check for any dust in the duct using a flashlight.
  • Very often, the ductwork of your air system has registers all along the system to supply air to the basement. By removing these registers, you can clean the main trunk line better.

By following the above steps, you can successfully indulge in some home air duct cleaning all by yourself, without calling in the professional air duct cleaning services.